From the apartment of one of the founders, to a big office with central location, we quickly pass through six years of this UTOPIA history, which brings us back in time to a regular summer afternoon in search for a fresh breeze to help concentration. It was in that ordinary afternoon that happens the ‘zero minute’ of UTOPIA: the opening of the windows was followed by it’s immediately closure because of the car’s noise and the smell of fuel; and this was followed by the activation of air conditioning. In short: the awareness of the absurd energy inefficiency of the whole process.

In 2010, Plako moves to the ‘Incubadora de Empresas de Ferreiros’, Póvoa de Lanhoso (Portugal), created in a disused school - what in itself constitutes an excellent example of reutilization of spaces and coexistence with nature, in a logic of counter-cycle departure from the big urban centers - and one year after is acquired approximately one hectare of land, in this same locality in order to build this groundbreaking project.


41°37'04.3"N 8°19'24.2"W
41.617869, -8.323379
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